get up

endless attempts up an impossible hill

pushing too hard, I collapsed again

mistaken, not in the pursuit

but in thinking it would end differently

when you spend so much time

worrying about saying the wrong thing

trying too hard

and being who you think you should be

be you, unapologetically you

and understanding that the fall

isn’t permanent

as long as you get up


Photo by Bobby Stevenson on Unsplash


bad dreams

bad dreams change

as a child, the unknown

monsters, things that go

bump in the night

your mind inventing,

creating to terrorize

your unlikely fears


as an adult, the known

the real sensations

everyday life seeping 

into the unconscious

an uncomfortable exchange

or difficult conversation

preempted by the mind


violently awake

suddenly aware

how your deepest fears

may change with age

and yet they come, still

to haunt your dreams


Photo by Arthur Savary on Unsplash