Wandering the streets

Pastels of every shade coat each building

Finding the nooks and hideaways

Where only the locals go

And some staples as well

The beauty of St. Mark’s Basilica

Matched only by its history

Strolling among the innumerable vineyards

Fields of Albarossa and Durella

All new and exciting, but lacking

I only came to forget you

But here I am



Photo by GukHwa Jang on Unsplash


Week by week we sell our souls

In pursuit of regaining them

On a date unknown

But where is the point of no return?

When do we get lost in the pursuit

And become machines

Incapable of emotion, feelings, logic

Unable to remember what we were selling out for

We begin these journeys with a short term mindset

“Someday, when I’m older…”

“Once I save this much…”

“When my kids go off to college…”

But when do we chase our own soul?

When do we soar beyond salesmanship

And into our dreams?


Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Habits of Creature

Are we more creatures of habit,

Or habits of creature?

We like to pretend that we have routines,

Decisions made every day to control our lives.

What about our monkey mind?

When are we making our own decisions

Versus tapping into our primal urges

And acting on instinct?

Creatures of habit are boring

Mundane, ducklings in a file line

Following along in lockstep

Trying not to stand out

Habits of creature are real

Visceral responses to a habitual world

Allowing us to flex

And become mighty


Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash