Hey everyone,

I’ve thought a lot about it, and have decided on the following structure going forward. I want to do more, but this is my baseline that I want to operate from until I can expand into more avenues in the future. I only want to use a schedule for consistency purposes, and it’s easier for me if I know when and what I want to post.

Every single poem I’ve ever posted was written at the moment, days or even weeks before it gets posted. I’m very much a “lightning in a bottle” writer, but if I posted every time I write something, it would be erratic and hard to follow. All that being said, here is the schedule going forward:

~ Saturday nights – A new thing called Mount Rushmore. I’ll be picking the top 4 of various things, from movies, books, sports, etc. I’ve toyed with it before but I really like thinking about those things

~ Sunday nights – Poetry!

~ Tuesday nights – More poetry!

~ Thursday nights – A weekly newsletter. I’ll be writing my occasional regular blog posts here, in addition to updates on things I’m writing, books I’m reading, and anything else I think would be interesting for everybody.

These will start this evening!

I’m still playing around with the idea of doing a podcast, as well as movie reviews, book reviews, etc. It’s just about logistics at this point, but I’m excited to try new things and see what works for me.

To anyone who has been along for this ride for a while, thank you for keeping with me as I’m still trying to find my right niche. I just want to create things that are meaningful to me, and because I spent so much of my adult life ignoring my own thoughts, it’s still a process of trying new things and experimenting.

Thank you again for reading and following along. The fact that people are interested enough to read what I write and follow along means a lot to me. You all are the best.


Content Update

Hi everyone,

I’m going to be changing things around going forward. My current job will not allow me to post at the times and days that I have been, so it’s minor changes, but changes nonetheless. I’m also figuring out newsletter options and other additional new content ideas. I want to grow my reach, but continue to be myself (for better or worse). I’ll update more when I figure out exactly what the next steps are. I’m very close to almost 200 followers on here, which is beyond anything I could have ever asked. Thank you to everyone for following along and appreciating what I’ve written. It really does mean a lot.


slow burn

could this be forever?

no matter what, inseparable

but then one thing happened

and it started a slow burn

you said something that stuck

and I spiraled

uncontrollable, in a free fall to earth

when I wake up, you’ll be gone

forgetting all that was said

and I’ll learn to forget too

the slow burn

of an extinguished flame


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash